Omega Slot Heat Transfer Plates are an efficient way to distribute radiant heat from PEX tubes.

Пластины теплопередачи HWALU Omega обеспечивают эффективный способ распределения лучистого тепла от труб PEX.. Made in China from polished aluminum sheet. The channels are wrap-around omega-shaped (ю) that fit snugly and very effectively hold the pipe in the system above ground level.


Пластина теплопередачи Омега

HWALU Omega Heat Transfer Plates Single and Double Slot Heat Transfer Plates are designed for radiant floors installed under suspended wood floor structures. The boards are installed between 16wood joists or trusses. In the middle of the PEX pipe that has run 8″. In the middle. The boards should be installed 1apart. The gap between them.

HWALU Omega heat transfer panels can be used in new construction or retrofits where joist cavities are open for installation of radiant heating systems.

The system can be installed under the subfloor by first laying the pipe and temporarily securing it to the subfloor with Ross pipe fasteners. Lay the single slot plate over the pipe and fasten it to each side of the slot with a row (at least 4) of staples.

Double-slot panels are secured in a similar fashion.

Первый, use a row of 4 staples parallel to one side of the groove. Then, snap the plate over the two tubes in the joist cavity. Ну наконец то, place a second row of staples between the two grooves, followed by a third row of staples along the opposite edge of the heat transfer plate.

HWALU Omega Heat Transfer Plates can also be used to install 1PEX pipe on the subfloor or ceiling. The planks provide depth for the grooves in each plank. Шаблон скоб будет таким же, как и под черновым полом.