The Omega groove Heat Transfer Plate is an efficient method to distribute radiant heat from PEX tubing.

HWALU OMEGA Heat Transfer Plates offer an efficient method of distributing radiant heat from PEX tubing. Made in China from a mill finish aluminum plate. The channel is a wrap around omega shape (Ω) for a snug fit that holds the tubing in place very effectively in above floor systems.


Omega Heat Transfer Plate

The HWALU Omega Heat Transfer Plate single and double groove heat transfer plates are designed for radiant floors installed underneath suspended wood floor construction. The plates fit in between the wood joists or trusses installed 16 in. on center and are intended for use with PEX piping that has been run 8 in. on center. The plates should be installed with a 1 in. gap between them.

The HWALU Omega Heat Transfer Plate can be used in either new construction or remodeling where the joist cavities are open and are to be used for installing a radiant heating system.

Such a system can be installed under the subfloor by first running the tubing and securing it temporarily to the subfloor with the Roth tubing fasteners. The single groove plate is placed over the tubing and secured with a row of (minimum) 4 staples on each side of the groove.

The double groove panel is secured in a similar way.

First, one of the edges parallel to the grooves is stapled with a row of 4 staples. Then the plate is snapped over the 2 tubes in the joist cavity. Finally, a second row of staples is placed between the two grooves, followed by a third row down the opposite edge of the Heat Transfer Plate.

The HWALU Omega Heat Transfer Plate can also be used to install PEX tubing on top of the subfloor or on ceilings with the use of 1 in. thick wood sleepers to provide for the depth of the groove on each plate. The staple pattern will be the same as used under the subfloor