• Omega Shape 1/2″: Allows you to snap into 5/8″ Труба PEX во время установки. This channel shape has more contact with the pipe than the U-shaped plate and better heat transfer.
    • 0.016 thick 4.5wide aluminum
    • Improve the efficiency and response time of radiant floor heating systems.
    • Материал: Алюминий
    • High Quality Plate Heat Exchanger for 1/2″ Трубки PEX
    • High quality aluminum plate, fast heat transfer
    • Позволять 1-2 inches of expansion space between boards

Floor heating principle Floor heating actually uses the ground as a radiator, а затем использует лучистый слой пола в качестве теплоносителя, so that the space floor can be fully and evenly heated. The floor heating radiates upwards and heats from the bottom to the top to meet the heating requirements of users. If the ground is low temperature, the heat transferred to the ground will gradually decrease, giving the user a feeling of warm feet and cool feet. This heating method is in line with the fitness concept advocated by traditional Chinese medicine, and is also recognized as a comfortable heating method. Пол теплый? 1 Floor heating is a method of uniformly heating the floor through low-temperature radiation, so that the indoor space has a suitable floor temperature, а тепло убывает снизу вверх, заставляя людей чувствовать себя комфортно.

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Стандартный экспортный морской деревянный поддон с

  1. Защитная пластиковая пленка.
  2. Твердая крафт-бумага.
  3. Пучок стальных стержней.
  4. Деревянная тарелка.