The principle of floor heating

Floor heating actually uses the ground as a radiator, und nutzt dann die Strahlungsschicht des Bodens als Wärmeträger, so that the space floor can be fully and evenly heated. Durch die nach oben abstrahlende Wirkung der Fußbodenheizung, heating is carried out from bottom to top, so as to satisfy the heating of users. If it is a low temperature ground, Es bildet sich eine allmählich abnehmende Wärmeübertragung zum Boden, giving the user a feeling of warm feet and cool feet. This heating method is in line with the fitness concept advocated by traditional Chinese medicine, and is also recognized as a comfortable heating method.

Ist der Boden warm?

1. Floor heating is a method of uniformly heating the floor by means of low-temperature radiation, so that the floor temperature of the indoor space is suitable, und die Hitze nimmt von unten nach oben ab, damit sich die Leute wohl fühlen. Because no heat is generated, die Raumluft ist frisch und sauber. In Ergänzung, it has outstanding effects on children and the elderly, making people’s blood circulation smoother and promoting metabolism to a certain extent.

2. The heat generated by the heating method used by floor heating is relatively high, aber bei einer für den menschlichen Körper wohltuenden Temperatur, the heat loss during the heating process is effectively reduced. In Ergänzung, users can also carry out humanized control according to the actual heating demand. Each heating space has a separate control switch to adjust the heating temperature of each space individually, which has outstanding performance in energy utilization.

3. The use of floor heating has better performance in environmental protection, completely solves the worrying environmental pollution problem, vermeidet die traditionelle Heizmethode der Kesselheizung, spart effektiv Energie, und macht die Luft frischer. In terms of regional management, it also greatly eases the trouble of the property staff to charge on time every month and reduces the workload.

4. The installation of floor heating is generally installed on the ground. It is a hidden project like a hydroelectric project. After this kind of project is installed, it does not take up too much space, den Raumdekorationseffekt schöner machen. In Ergänzung, floor heating mostly uses high-quality materials, so it has outstanding performance in all aspects, prolongs the service life, and has no external damage. As long as the building can be used, it can effectively reduce maintenance costs.