HWALU Omega Heat Transfer Plate

HWALU OMEGA Heat Transfer Plates
An efficient method to distribute radiant heat from PEX tubing.
HWALU OMEGA Heat Transfer Plates offer an efficient method of distributing radiant heat from PEX tubing. Made in China from a mill finish aluminum. The channel is a wrap around omega shap (Ω) for a snug fit that holds the tubing in place very effectively in above floor systems such as the RHT Floor Panel System.


  • Available for 3/8" or 1/2" PEX tubing.
  • Single channel plates 5" width .019" thickness
  • Double channel plates 12.5" width .024" thickness
  • 24" or 48" lengths
  • Custom lengths and packaging are available.

without heat transfer plates

without heat transfer plates

Staple up without heat transfer plates. These system will run lower than suspend tube system but hotter than plate type system due to less conductive surface.

using aluminium heat transfer plates

using aluminium heat transfer plates

Staple up with heat transfer plates. These system will run at a lower temperature than to the addition of aluminum fins which extend the contact surface area.

The following flooring types may be installed above this type of system:
i. Nail-down solid hardwood
ii. Floating hardwood
iii. Engineered hardwood
iv. Glue-down wood flooring
v. Carpet (broadloom or tiles)
vi. Vinyl (sheet or tiles)
vii. Ceramic tile

Advantage of our heat plates

  • Our plates are Omega-shaped (not "V" or "U"-shaped like others) and allow to snap in PEX pipe during installation, making it much faster and easier. This channel shape offers more contact with tubing than U-shaped plates and has a better heat transfer.
  • Increase Radiant Floor Heating System's efficiency and response time.
  • Save time and labor - Omega-shaped plates allow for a 1-person installation.


  1. These die-formed aluminum heat plates snap into the grid modules and help conduct heat from the tubing into the floor.
  2. They're also used in staple-up systems to secure PEX tubing to the underside of the sub-floor to maintain contact between the tubing and the sub-floor.
  3. Excellent way to transfer heat when used with either 1/2 in or 5/8 in PEX tubing
  4. Easy to install
  5. Reduces energy cost
  6. Increases comfort
  7. Convenient for use in staple up systems
Single Groove - Heat Transfer PlatesDouble Groove - Heat Transfer Plates
Material : 26 gauge stamped aluminum sheet
Dimensions : 5” x 24” (127mm x 609.6mm)
Pipe sizes : 3/8”, 1/2” & 5/8”
Material : 26 gauge stamped aluminum sheet
Dimensions : 13” x 24” (330.2mm x 609.6mm)
Pipe sizes : 3/8”, 1/2” & 5/8”

Heat Transfer Plates are necessary for most radiant heating installations that are not encased in concrete. They improve the conductivity of heat out of the radiant tubing and increase the surface area of the system to speed heat transfer to the building.

Radiant floor heating systems like to tout that they are the "most efficient" method of heating a home. The high efficiency of radiant systems only happen due to the low required water temperatures to satisfy the heating load. So the lower the required water temperature to heat your home the more energy savings you will enjoy. The right heat transfer plate can mean money in your pocket.

No heat transfer plates - highest required water temperatures to handle the building heat load

aluminum heat transfer plates - This allows for the lowest required water temperatures and highest heat transfer of any plate system.
Heat transfer plates can be used in underfloor staple up radiant floor installations. They can also be use in radiant walls and above floor sleeper systems to improve heat transfer and energy efficiency.

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